~ The John C. Maxwell Certification Program ~
a unique opportunity for coaches, teachers, speakers and
professionals... dedicated to personal and professional growth
and called to influence people in such a way that makes
a positive difference in their life and the lives of others.
STEP 1 - If you did NOT attend the LIVE call, listen FIRST to the Replay of the live call
"Transform Yourself... Transform Your People" with John C. Maxwell.

You will need to view, save and/or print the "Worksheet" for the call. CLICK HERE for a
Word document OR CLICK HERE for a pdf document.
If you DID attend the live call, proceed to Step 2 below.
While John Maxwell works tirelessly to begin the

transformation of the entire country of Guatemala...
  • John meets with the President of Guatemala and his visit makes headline news around the country
  • John speaks to over 700 private school owners, principals & administrators and business leaders
  • John meets with the Archbishop before speaking to 100 Catholic leaders
  • John speaks to over 4,000 activists, 200 leaders at the largest university in Central America and the
    Mayan leadership
...his Global Certified Team Members continue to transform the world!

Check-out their stories below.
STEP 2 - See the value and benefits received by other Transformational
Leaders who enrolled in the John C. Maxwell Certification Program
and became part of the John Maxwell Team
STEP 3 - CLICK on the video below ... to watch the special announcement by Paul Martinelli, as he shares what it will mean for YOU ... to PARTNER with
the John Maxwell Team! P.S. - Make sure your volume is turned up.
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Certification Program!